Welcome guide


In this welcome guide, we have collected all the information a new client like you needs to start enjoying indigitall notifications on your website.

It is important to consult this guide before starting to use indigitall, to ensure the user’s correct interaction with the platform.

It is also useful as a reference manual once the platform is being used.

Let's begin!

Artifacts to be provided by the client

In order to integrate indigitall, we need you to send us the following artifacts, which we will use to create your keys.

  1. To send WebPush notifications to browsers, we need:

    • Icon for notifications(256 x 256 in.JPG or .PNG format)

    • Website Push ID (identifier for the website)

    • Website Push ID Certificate (Certificate .p12) and its password

    • Url that will be opened upon clicking on notifications in Safari (must be the one of the service that will take care of redirecting the user to the appropriate page according to the notification sent).

    • Permitted domains: list of domains permitted to request permits from the user.

    • Server key (generated from the Google developers console, the website has to have the Google Cloud Messaging for Android api activated, would be the same one as for Android)

Gather all this information and send it to us by email. We will email you back with the Indigitall app_token, platform URL and access credentials.

Take a look at the documents!