As a client of indigitall, we provide you with all the documents you need to get the most out of the platform. Below you have the manuals, libraries and guides to integrate indigitall into your applications.

Manual for use of the web platform

This is the document that shows all the indigitall web environment options. This is suitable for both regular users and administrators of the platform.

indigitall user manual

Manual for use of the API

This document contains the reference manual of the indigitall API. It is the document required to carry out any integration via API.

API Documentation

Manual for the integration of the SDK into web browsers.

This is where all the steps to carry out the integration of the SDK into the client’s web application are documented.

SDK JavaScript Documentation

We want to facilitate the integration of our SKD into your website as much as possible. We have included the most important points in the manuals, but if you still require technical support from indigitall, we offer you whatever support you need.

Send your queries to and we will be happy to resolve them.